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Buying Real Estate in Leelanau? Here’s my advice.

Use me as your guide to properties, our communities, to what your money can buy and what will forever remain priceless. Buying real estate is one of the largest, most complicated financial transactions in most people’s lives. I take my role in this process very seriously. I’m here and at your service. To get you started, here’s my advice.

If you’re just looking for now, you’ll find lots of information right here.

From my website you can view every single property that is moving in the area, including mine. There are photos and maps, property descriptions, school and tax information, community information, local history and more. So take your time. This information is updated daily.

As you search for properties here are 3 questions to consider:

  • What location is best for you?
  • Would you prefer a home, condominium, building site, or acreage?
  • How much do you want to spend?

When you’re ready to talk, I’ll listen.

The more you can articulate what you are looking for, the better I can help you find it. I will set you up to receive automatic email notifications of new listings and price reductions on current listings that meet your criteria. When you find properties that interest you, I’ll obtain additional information.

Call me to arrange a visit. Then we’ll tour the properties you have selected. I’ll be completely prepared for your visit, and I won’t waste your time.

My schedule is your schedule.

With advance notice, we’ll be able to see all the properties that meet your criteria in a day or two, maybe less. If you don’t find the right property during your visit, I’ll continue to search. And, if you see an ad or a sign for a property that looks interesting, call me, and I’ll obtain additional information. Finding just the right property is a journey so don’t fret; it may take days and miles to find “the one.”

We’ll work together.

Michigan law requires a real estate agent to advise a prospective Buyer or Seller with whom they work of their agency relationship. With disclosure, I am qualified to work as the Seller’s Agent, the Buyer’s Agent, as a Disclosed Dual Agent, or as a Transaction Coordinator.

Before you disclose confidential information to me, or any other real estate agent regarding a real estate transaction, it is important that you understand what type of agency relationship you have with that agent.
When we meet in person, we’ll discuss brokerage relationships in more detail and mutually select the alliance that makes the most sense.  Then we’ll sign a statement acknowledging the relationship we’ve established.


The majority of buyers secure their financing through locally based lenders. Local lenders are competitive, know the market, and provide a high level of service. I can recommend several that are highly skilled at arranging the best financing. In our community, loan processing takes about 30 to 60 days after the Seller accepts your offer.

In some cases, seller financing is available. When it is, rates, terms, and down payment can often be more attractive than institutional offerings.

Buy strong and smart.

Make your offer as clean as possible with minimal contingencies. Get prequalified with a local lender, we’ll submit the approval letter with your offer it will ease the Sellers mind and generally give you more leverage. Look for diamonds in the rough. Properties that have not been updated do not show well. If you can visualize potential, that’s an opportunity.

In a good economy real estate selling prices have been within 5% to 7% of their list price. While there are always exceptions, it is unrealistic to expect to find a “steal”. On superior properties, it is not uncommon to see multiple offers, nor is it uncommon to see full-price offers.

The market is more complicated these days. Price per square foot, or per front foot, or per acre doesn’t tell the whole story. When we meet, we’ll talk about values and give you comparisons and deep analyses.

Closing from a far.

Thanks to electronic transactions many closings are conducted long distance. Once the Seller has accepted your offer, I will handle every detail of your transaction like helping to arrange an inspection and survey; checking to make sure your loan is approved on time; obtaining and reviewing the commitment for title insurance; reviewing the closing statement with you prior to the closing; transferring utilities; making sure you receive a recorded deed and title policy. My job is to keep things on track every step of the way.

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